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Our Philosophy

Let's begin with the long story short... "If your business is growing and experiencing success, your website should reflect that, period." 

Many new businesses build their website with the mindset, "Why waste time & money launching the perfect website when good enough will do?".  And yes there is some truth to that strategy.

However, what happens when good enough is no longer good enough?

It's our mission to showcase the successful business you have built on your website.  Your website should reflect what your company has become & attract the customers you want, not just the ones you need. It is our intention to re-design your website to do just that. ~ Alicia Moszee, Owner & Web Designer

The Success of R Leigh 3d was born from failing forward...

In 2014 I decided to take the plunge and join the world of entrepreneurship. After 7 years of working in the wireless technology industry, I started an e-commerce site called It was a complete & total failure because if there was a mistake to be made, believe I made it. I invested a lot of time & money in trying to piece together all the things my website & marketing needed. I spent tons of time learning & mastering multiple CRMs, website platforms, apps, plugins, etc.

Where I really failed was, "I was trying to sell products that people just didn't want to buy". Over time I made this mistake a few times more, but that's OK.

Cut to 2017...

It wouldn't be until a chance encounter with a career strategist that I realized my real skill & passion was helping other business owners avoid making the expensive time draining mistakes that I made.

My first client is an amazing career strategist that's incredible at résumé writing. Her website didn't reflect how brilliant her work is. I reviewed her website and had a 1-hour conversation to get a full understanding of her vision for her business. 2 days later, I had more than half of her website redesigned and published.

To this day she has been my biggest advocate and supporter. As her business grew so did the word of mouth about my web design revisions. I began to build my portfolio of work & the rest is history. The failures of my businesses turned out to be the blessing in disguise. Through the fails, I learned how to best approach each of my client's websites and help them see a return on their investment.

That is how R Leigh 3D was born.

People Are Talking...Testimonials

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